Tavern Platanos (Plane)

Tavern Platanos (Plane)

In Apeiranthos, under the Tower and the cool shade of the Plane you can enjoy the amazing food that ‘Platanos(Plane)’ offers you in a splendid terrace.

The tavern offers recipes from Apeirnathos village, chicken braised our production Roast pork (traditional recipe Apeiranthos). All the meat is grilled fresh and local.

There is a variety of cooked dishes, local cheeses, extra bulk wine from the village and finally sweets that prepare on their own.

Visit this restaurant and you will be more than satisfied…

Contact information
AddressApeiranthos, Naxos
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 61192, (+30) 22850 61460
Email:  info@platanos-naxos.com
Site:  http://platanos-naxos.com/

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