Kontos Restaurant-Cafe

Kontos Restaurant-Cafe
Kontos restaurant at Naxos is one from the very few that is certified by the Greek National Tourism Organization for its quality and traditional Greek cuisine. The private fields in Mikri Vigla, where Mr Antonis grows himself all the vegetables needed, and his experience in selecting only the finest products for your menu and appetite are the secrets for the constantly growing reputation of restaurant and taverna “Kontos”.

Also you will find his private vineyard where he produce his own wine and "raki", still using traditional methods his grandparents taught him, maintaining the authentic quality and natural flavors of the land over the years.

Join them anytime of the day for a Greek journey to the Aegean and Naxian cuisine in the restaurant with a breathtaking view to the crystal clear waters of Mikri Vigla and the charming sunset.
Contact information
AddressMikri Vigla, Naxos
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 75278, (+30) 694 4959365
Fax:  (+30) 22850 75228
Email:  info@kontos-naxos.gr
Site:  http://www.kontos-naxos.gr/
Facebook: Facebook Page

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