¨Anagennisis¨ Cafe - Restaurant - Pizzeria is located in Koronos Naxos. It’s a family business, whose owners are local residents who invested in their hometown and created a traditional and warm place that became a landmark of the wider area.

The space of restaurant is comfortable and cozy, and the view is spectacular. Quality plays a primary part in the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ and all the dishes are delectable and inspired by the authentic Aegean & Mediterranean cuisine.

We recommend the millefeuille ¨Anagennisis¨ a wonderful dish with vegetables and chicken fillet, and the cheese rolls with thyme honey. Do not forget to try and the homemade bread fermented by the owners of the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨.

Since 2011 the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ has been certified by the Chamber of Cyclades with the ¨Aegean Cuisine¨ quality label. In fact, such certification of the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ is one of the first in the island of Naxos. In 2014 the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ was reinspected by TÜV HELLAS, on behalf of the Chamber of Cyclades. The quality of the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ allows it to continue to «worthily» hold the ¨Aegean Cuisine¨ quality label. Furthermore, the restaurant ¨Anagennisis¨ has been certified by Italy with the ¨Eccellenze Italiane 2015¨ (ID Number: 4985) quality label and has been awarded the ¨Top Choice Restaurant 2015¨ medal by the Chinese guide Lianorg.

Contact information
AddressKoronos, Naxos
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 51389
Facebook: Facebook Page
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