The village Kourounochori is located in lowlanf Naxos, built in the center of the valley of Melanes, just 8 km from Naxos Town. It’s a small village but with rich history, since the springs of Flery located in this region, provide the entire region with water. This precious resource is the reason why the village is always blooming, full of beautiful gardens. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture and the production of other local products.

The village is an area of high archeological value and great tourist attendance, since the visitor can admire the ancient aqueduct of 11 km long, which carried the water to Naxos Town and was built in the last third of the 6th century BC. In addition one can admire the ancient mines which have fed the entire art of Ancient Greece with their marbles. Inside those mines two (2) huge Kouroi statues of around 5.50m height were discovered and preserved.

Even more impressive is the tower of Frangopoulos, built in the 14th century, which remains well-preserved and habitable. The marble table in the garden of the Tower offers a historical touch, since an inscription is stating that King Othonas used to entertain right on this table.

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