Damalas is one of the smallest villages of Naxos, but it has a great tradition and adequate tourism. It is located 14 km away from the town on the way to Tragea, on a small hill called "the hare’s mountain".

Two traditional monuments make the village famous, the old mill and the traditional pottery workshop. The mill began operating around 1850 and continued its function until 1960. In 2000 under the initiative of the village society, it was restored and since then operates as a monument, allowing visitors to admire the machines of that era and why not to try to produce some oil themselves.

Something similar happens in the town’s pottery workshop, where everyone can test their skills in pottery and make a handmade and highly original gift to their loved ones. The peace and tranquility of the village are disturbed only by the sounds of nature and the divine element is very strong, as the church of Agia (St.) Irene, built around 1800, offers religious solemnity and reverence due to the minimalist and truly divine decoration.

  • Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER

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