Apeiranthos is perhaps the "most authentic" village of Naxos and one of the most beautiful places of the Aegean. Apeiranthos is nowadays the spiritual center of the island and has a rich tradition and culture.

At the archaeological museum of the village there are findings of the Cycladic era, with the prominent "jagged marble slabs" ("epikroustes plates") of Korfis Aronis. Apart from the archaeological museum, visitors can enjoy the geological museum of Manolis Glezos with rare exhibits, the Folk Museum and the Museum of Natural History with many plants and mammal skeletons, as well as a beautiful aquarium.

The village, beyond a synonym for culture is also a destination for those seeking the ultimate natural beauty combined with the charm of a traditional Cycladic village.Walk through the cobblestone streets, pass beneath the marble arches and taste the best wine of the island at the traditional cafes.

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