Tower of Chimarou

Tower of Chimarou
After the gate of Portara, another landmark of Naxos is the Tower of Chimarou. It is located on the southeast side of Naxos, between Mount Zas and the sea, on a hill which shows the strategic position of the tower.

Although there are many Venetian and Frankish castles scattered around the island, what makes the tower of Chimarou so special, is the fact that it survives almost intact and rises impressively nearly 15m of the ground. The impressive defensive structure of the 4th century is built with double walls, made of local marble. Its plan is circular while the outer side is carefully built with large rectangular plates, which demonstrate the high quality of ancient stone carving. On the south side of the Tower we find its entrance, while the only window is at a height of 10 meters. Inside the tower there are 3 levels which are connected by a marble staircase.

Unfortunately, the roof of the tower is not preserved and there is no evidence to how this impressive, defense establishment was ending.
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