Castle of Kalogeros

Castle of Kalogeros

The Castle of Kalogeros (Monk) is located in the mountainous Naxos, at the highest point of the mountain Kalogeros. It is believed that it has been used since ancient times and up until the Middle Ages.

In fact, very few things are known about this castle. It is located in a steep and inaccessible location near the village Apollonas and at an altitude of 360 meters. All sides of the castle are surrounded by walls, except the eastern side overlooking the sea, which is rocky, inaccessible and dangerous.

The location of the castle, shows its strategic importance and it is speculated that it was used to control ships coming towards this area as well as to protect their own Byzantine ships.

Even today traces of fortifications, rooms, tanks and other buildings are visible from the south side of Apollonas.
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