Fish & Olive

Fish & Olive
The potter and jewelry designer Katharina Bolesch and craftsman Alexander Reichardt live and work in the village of Chalki, where the workshop, the gallery and the shop L’Olivier operate under the international name Fish & Olive.

The olives and fishes, symbols not only of Naxos but of the entire Mediterranean, inspire their work, has gained worldwide recognition. The unique quality of Katharina’s pottery is the result of skill, attention and patience.

Alexander, partner and husband of Katharina, uses his knowledge as a diver and experience as an artist, to create his own jewelry. He also creates fabrics, marble and wood with the pattern of the fish.

In both their work, the creative influences of the Cyclades and Chalki has resulted in the amalgamation of ancient themes and symbols of the Mediterranean with the modern styles of pottery and jewelry.
Contact information
AddressChalki, Naxos
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 32829
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