Kitron is a liqueur produced in Naxos from the fruit and leaves of the tree Kitron. The fruit is like the lemon but with a stronger flavor and is a traditional Greek product with the identification of the PDO (Protection Destination of Origin).

In the seafront of Chora you will find a specific cocktail bar, Kitron of Naxos, where you can taste and buy all the local products made by Kitron. At Kitron of Naxos are served cocktails with different combinations of Kitron and also you can order wines and drinks from around the world.

At the Kitron Naxos do not miss to taste breakfasts and snacks, ice creams and desserts made with local products. Finally, in the village Chalki is the traditional distillery that supplies the cocktail bar and operates since 1896.
Contact information
AddressBeach, Chora Naxos
Tel.:  (+30) 22850 27055
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