Alternative Tourism

The island of Naxos provides the ideal conditions for Kite surfing. Here you can learn kite surfing in one of the learning centers or hire equipment to indulge in your favorite sport... Read more
Wind surfing is one of the most popular sports in Naxos because of the strong northern winds that blow during August... Read more
Schedule an excursion in Naxos with your bicycle... Read more
In Naxos you have the opportunity to explore the island with a very special and unique way: By riding a horse! Young and old... Read more
Naxos is a hiking paradise! The island is filled with monuments, fertile plateaus, valleys, rivers and waterfalls, groves and vineyards that are crossed by footpaths... Read more
The seabed of Naxos is full of wrecks, reefs, sunken planes and magical caves.... Read more
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