Plaka Watersports Windsurf

Plaka Watersports Windsurf
Plaka Watersports provides you for 15 years with everything you need in order to enjoy your favorite sport on your holidays!
The venue for our windsurfers is endless with no limitations, no reefs and no rocks or annoying sea urchins.

Enjoy brand new Neilpryde sails and Jp-Australia Boards, ranging from freestyle wave to freeride/slalom models, providing the possibility to enjoy windsurfing in many conditions. A big variety of harnesses and wetsuits completes the full windsurfing experience for all age groups.

Courses are offered for everyone, all ages and skill groups. Our private training sessions from our qualified instructors will surely give you a taste of the excitement windsurfing can give.
If you already know the basics of windsurfing and want to learn how to become an advanced windsurfer, we provide lessons at more advanced levels. In both cases your instructor will constantly be next to you showing you step by step what to do. All you need is wind, hunger for fun and we will provide you with the know-how, the material and safety.

Meltemi wind is the trademark of the Cyclades Islands for the summer time. Strong, steady Northern winds, usually picking up in the morning, reaching top force around midday and dying out in the afternoon gives you planning action almost every day of the summer.
The beautiful scenery with a usual surfing direction facing towards Paros Island will give you a new experience.

Distance from shore – conditions:
0m - 200m: Flat water with lighter wind, perfect for beginners.
200m – 500m: choppier water with stronger wind. Perfect for freeride, slalom and freestyle.
500m+: Strong wind with an overlap area from bigger chop to swell waves. For experienced windsurfers and jumpers, especially with North Western winds.

Safety for our customers is of outmost importance for us. We are proud to be able to state that 15 years of being in business, Plaka Watersports has a clean record in safety matters.
There are always multiple members of our staff checking the windsurfers on the water.

For any case of emergency, two motorboats always on standby for rescue missions. The use of life jackets, for all activities offered, is obligatory.


Contact information
AddressPlaka Beach, Naxos
Tel.:  +30 22850 41158
Fax:  +30 22850 41264
Facebook: Facebook Page
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