Plaka Watersports Waterski

Plaka Watersports Waterski
Plaka Watersports provides you for 15 years with everything you need in order to enjoy your favorite sport on your holidays!

Monoskiing and double skiing are offered at Plaka Watersports with highly experienced drivers giving you the best experience.

If you are no expert or an accomplished skier, don’t worry! Age, weight and body structure pose no limitation, everybody can learn to waterski and with even one lesson you will be able to experience what it feels like to be waterskiing. Lessons are held by officially trained and qualified instructors, using specialized equipment for beginners and extra care for young children.


Contact information
AddressPlaka Beach, Naxos
Tel.:  +30 22850 41158
Fax:  +30 22850 41264
Facebook: Facebook Page
  • Tourism Awards 2016 SILVER

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