You will definitely have heard of this beach, as it is one of the best in Greece and in Europe. It is located five (5) km from Naxos Town at a sheltered location with white sand... Read more
Saint George’s Beach is a sandy, crowded beach with shallow waters and is located only three (3) min. away from Naxos Town when moving south...
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The beach of Agia Anna is the continuation of Agios Prokopios and is one of the famous of Naxos. It has fine sand, clear and turquoise waters...
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The beach of Agiasos is another sandy beach, a serene landscape combined with the infinite blue of the Aegean.You should definitely visit it and swim...
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The beach of Aliko lies in the southwest coast of Naxos and is located 20 km away from the capital.. Read more
Amitis beach is a large beach with white sand, not crowded, located just outside the villages of Eggares and Galini.... Read more
The Abram bay is located on the northwest side of the island between Naxos Town and the village Apollonas.... Read more
The beach of Apollonas is located in the northeastern side of Naxos. It is a small beach which has both pebbles and sand.... Read more
On the road from Naxos Town to Aliko you will find the beach of Glyfada, near the Kastraki village, which awakes a feeling of...
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At the southern tip of Naxos lies the Kalandos bay. It’s a sheltered bay with amazing sand, but difficult to approach....
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Kastraki is the longest beach in Naxos (3 km length) with fine white sand and turquoise waters....
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The Lionas cove is located 40 km away from Naxos Town in the northeastern side of Naxos and just 6 km from the Koroni village.... Read more
As we understand from its name (Vigla) it was previously an observatory, probably because of the fear from pirates in Naxos.... Read more
It is a natural harbor, located 38 km away from Naxos Town.Moutsouna is connected with the history of emery and visiting.... Read more
Between Plaka and Mikri Vigla there is the magestic beach of Orkos, far away from the hustle of cosmic beaches of Naxos.... Read more
The farthest coast, 54 km away from Naxos Town. It is a small and sheltered bay with a small beach and palm trees.
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The beach is a continuation of the beaches of Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios and is one of the most beautiful beaches... Read more
The beach got its name from the hill located there, which was an observatory for the pirates (like Vigla).
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On the eastern side of Naxos between Moutsouna and Panormos, you will find the beach of Psili Ammos.It is a beach with fine sand... Read more
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