Attractions & Historical Monuments

Vallindras Distillery in Naxos.
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In the seaside village of Apollonas, the visitor will encounter one of the most important archaeological findings of Naxos... Read more
The second Kouros of the island is located near the village Melanes, at the area of Flerio.
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The Apano (Upper) Castle of Drymalia stands in the valley of Tragaia. Its location indicates the importance... Read more
At the area of Livadi, 10 km south of Chora, stands the Sanctuary of Iria, dedicated to...
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In the village of Sangri, in the area of Gyroyla you will meet one of the most remarkable buildings... Read more
In a distance of 12 km from Naxos Town, stands the imposing and distant Bazeos Tower... Read more
After the gate of Portara, another landmark of Naxos is the Tower of Chimarou. Read more
The Portara, the great marble gate that stands high on the islet of Palatia, now united with Naxos town...
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The Castle of Kalogeros (Monk) is located in the mountainous Naxos, at the highest point of the mountain Kalogeros.
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The Castle of Apaliros has also a long history which is inextricably linked to the pirates and their raids.
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In the area of Melanon around Flerio, we encounter the remnants of an ancient aqueduct.
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