card Card - Travel With Style

Take advantage of the Card’s privileges. Card refers to all of you, the users of our tour guides, who enjoy the vacations and prefer to travel in style. The membership card was designed in collaboration with partner companies in order to reward you for your choice, even before your trip. The first card of our company, gives users multiple benefits at the area of Greek Tourism.

As owner of Card:

- You enjoy special offers to partner companies, just by showing the card.
- You are the first to be informed for all the new offers and newsletter via email.
- Print out a personalized card or save it in your cell phone.
- Automatically you participate in contests with complete vacation packages as prizes.

As a professional who wants to provide offers to our members, you can:

- Promote your business in the most efficient way (web, iPhone & Android). - Offer 2 times / year whatever discount you wish.
- Have direct visibility of your business to thousands of our members.
- Participate in corporate brochures, electronic or others.

From your side (either as user or as a professional) what you should do in order to join the program, is to join or any other of our websites by completing the relevant application. Join and benefit from the offes of restaurants, hotels and dozens of other businesses in all parts of Greece.
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