The Portara Gate

The Portara, the great marble gate that stands high on the islet of Palatia, now united with Naxos town...

Agios Prokopios

You will definitely have heard of this beach, as it is one of the best in Greece and in Europe. It is located five (5) km from Naxos Town at a sheltered location with white sand...

Mikri Vigla

As we understand from its name (Vigla) it was previously an observatory, probably because of the fear from pirates in Naxos....

Naxos Town (Chora)

The capital of Naxos is called Chora or Naxos Town. It is one of the most picturesque towns...

  • Beaches

    Dive into the Aegean!
  • Attractions & Historical Monuments

    Museums, Temples, Towers as well as other attractions await for you to be explored.
  • Churches & Monasteries

    Visit all the important religious places of worship, such as monasteries and churches.
  • Hotels in Naxos

    Accommodation in apartments, villas or luxury hotels? Do you prefer the sea or the mountain?
  • Restaurants and Taverns

    Find all the clubs in Naxos. The best cafes, taverns, restaurants, beach bars. Select where to go, the beach bar and the most famous clubs in the city!
  • Wedding in Naxos

    Here you will find exactly what you need for the most complete organization of your happiest day of your life!
  • Water Sports in Naxo

    Enjoy the activities that Naxos offers you and live a unique experience during your vacation!
  • Plaza Beach Hotel

    Plaza Beach Hotel

    In front of our Naxos hotel, just few steps away from the hotel, lays one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece!
  • Taverna Apanemi

    Taverna Apanemi

    Tavern in Moutsouna.
    Τel.: +30 22850 5478875

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